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 Operation Fighting Spammers (OFS)

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PostSubject: Operation Fighting Spammers (OFS)   Sat Aug 01, 2009 9:00 pm

Hi all,

Please report in this thread if you find any unwanted spam in the forum. A trend of such spam:

- promoting websites that peddle items such as controlled drugs, or pornographic links

- posts which do not make sense in the nature of the section (e.g. Lina Ng in Soccer section)

- some posts in Chinese which promotes BitTorrent downloading (these posts usually have chinese usernames)

- crossposting the same topic in different folders

As mentioned before, the moderators will remove such threads. Moderators can remove threads in sections they look after.

A guideline for all members who spot such threads:
Please report the member (profile link page) and the offending thread's URLs.

Do not reply in their threads, so as not to give them attention. Not replying in their threads also safeguards your postcount, if the threads are deleted.

Many thanks!
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Operation Fighting Spammers (OFS)
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